Customised Software Solution

Custom Software Solutions

Custom Applications are software that are specificly designed, developed and implemented for tailor-made custom functions/needs/requirements. Creataum Technology, Custom Software development Company in India, offers Custom Application Development services to Small & medium enterprises to Large enterprises across the globe.

Our Custom Application Development Services helps you reduce costs, raise service levels and enhance productivity through robust, flexible, efficient, bespoke business-critical applications. Leveraging the best of cutting edge technologies and software development processes, we ensure that your software applications are designed, developed, maintained and managed within minimum costs, shorter time-frames and agreed-upon deadlines. Our development model follows goal oriented processes with sharpness to deliver faster and enhanced solutions, without compromising quality within shorter time span, to our clients. We use various development methodologies like Waterfall, SCRUM, Agile, and Iterative to meet your tailor made requirements. We have well-outlined and transparent Project Management processes that helps our clients to interact with our design and development team effectively.

If you are looking for Offshore Software Development Company, we will act as your outsourcing partner and our domain and technology expertise allows us to understand your requirements and business processes & helps us in delivering robust solutions which makes us unique out of the other offshore software development companies.

Customized applications enable you
  • To Derive competitive advantage
  • To Address gaps in the functionality provided by commercial packaged applications
  • To Address aspects of the business process that are unique to you
  • To Address business processes for which no solutions are available in the market
The key features of our approach are
  • Pre-defined methodologies & frameworks
  • Structured “Requirement definition process”
  • Proprietary tools to improve the effectiveness of the development process
  • Process oriented development methodology
  • Rigorous Quality Testing Methodologies
  • Rigorous program management processes
Environments we work with
  • Internet Programming Languages:
    PHP, Java, ASP.Net, ColdFusion, Python, Perl/CGI, JavaScript, VB Script, Action Script (Flash)
  • Programming Languages:
    C#, VB.Net, Java, C/C++, Visual C++
  • Databases:
    MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase
  • Web Servers:
    MS Internet Information Server (MS IIS), Apache, WebSphere, Tomcat Apache
  • Operating Systems:
    MS DOS, MS Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT/2000/2003/2008, Windows XP, Unix/Linux