Testing Services

In the current highly competitive and dynamic market, organizations often lose out vital market presence on account of delays due to defects, performance issues or security – often under the hood of “Overall Product Quality”. Testing as a practice is always the last thing that Projects team consider as a necessity and is often too late to rectify and prevent the issue. InfrasoftTech provides independent testing service and to address this problem with involvement and effectiveness depicted from the very inception of the project.

Our focus on a solution-led approach coupled with deep domain expertise, state of the art quality assurance tools, tried and tested methodologies and test accelerators provide the full spectrum of testing services. A robust framework comprising of strategic assets dedicated to organization’s testing requirements yield synergies and has helped organizations increase overall efficiency.


Creataum provides a comprehensive range of on-shore, off-shore and hybrid testing and QA services to its global clients.

Creataum's expertise in critical test processes such as automation, performance and integration testing helps customers ensure the quality of their applications and systems. Creataum uses multiple test optimization tools to maximize the speed and accuracy of your testing processes. Creataum QA services include Regression Testing, Compatibility Testing, Alpha & Beta Testing, Integration Testing and Performance Testing.

On an enterprise level, Creataum's outsourced testing services will reduce QA bottlenecks and free development teams to focus on innovation and application enhancement.


Creataum's Test Advisory Services provides organizations with “Expert Advice” to help embark on the Next Generation QA Journey. Our advisory services will provide unique solutions that will help you transform your QA from Testing to QA driven Business-Assurance.

To ensure a risk-free and value-driven delivery, it is critical that organizations define and implement tools, technologies, and methods that are cohesive with the overall landscape, in line with the business goals and aspirations of the organization.

We equip you with a comprehensive approach to Testing and Quality Assurance which is delivered via following aspects:


Creataum is a leader in providing test automation services and has built a dedicated Automation Center of Excellence (ACoE) backed by a decade of experience in executing test automation engagements for global clients & a large pool of test automation experts. Our Test Automation Accelerator Kit comprises of pre-built test automation scripts, utilities, process assets and frameworks, and has helped many companies in implementing successful test automation initiatives.


Keeping customer information secure and private is a top priority for all companies. Unfortunately, new vulnerabilities are discovered every day and it’s nearly impossible to keep pace with them all. That’s why it’s critical to perform regular security audits of your applications and interconnected systems with seasoned security professionals. The security experts from Applause will dig deep to uncover the issues that can cost you time, money and reputation.


we provide an entire performance testing solutions with the help of testing frameworks designed after several years of research by our experienced testing professionals. We understand systems, networks and software architecture and help our clients to identify the right approach for their performance testing needs.

Our expertise spans the following Performance Engineering activities:
Performance Strategy ,Architecture Performance Review,Implementation / Code Review,Performance Testing,Performance Monitoring,Stress Testing,Soak Testing,Capacity Planning and Scalability Testing,Performance Analysis and Identification of Bottlenecks,Performance Tuning,Performance Benchmarking


The most important information discovered during mobile app testing is often some of the hardest to get. The Applause SDK makes it easy to collect this information in a consistent and organized manner from all of your testers, no matter where they are.
The Applause SDK includes:

App Distribution,In-App Bug Reporting,Crash Reports,In-App Feedback